You Gun Supporters Will Cave In

The political powers that be market gun control as something so important for our society and act as if the majority of people commonly support it. If this was true why after all this talk about more unconstitutional restrictions gun sales are going up through the roof? The fact of the matter is most Americans agree with the second amendment. The problem is the marketing behind gun control is brilliant. They hammer all the news stations, radio and other forms of media with stories to play on people’s emotions. The vast majority of the time these emotional stories used have nothing to do with proving gun control works, they usually show the opposite. Supporters start to cave under the pressure. Limited magazine sizes, mental checks to buy guns, tracking your ammo purchases, etc. All do nothing for safety and just help usher in a further police state. All too often people say well I’m ok with these “small” regulations because I obey the law and have nothing to worry about, just don’t take MY gun. When you fail to stand up and not allow your rights to be trampled on you set a dangerous precedent. Guaranteed at some point the will restrict something you hold dear but the battle will already be lost because you didn’t care when they were violating other peoples freedom. Should we also have background checks and mental stability checks before someone is allowed to start a blog or write a letter to the editor? If we allow these new regulations that is not as far fetched as some like to believe. Whats the point of owning arms to protect yourself against a tyrannical government if you obey everything the said government demands of you? Now that you have agreed to mental restrictions whom will decide who has dangerous thoughts?


Enough is enough. Stop giving in to needing mental background checks, this is what the opposition wants! Government does not grant rights they are in power to protect the rights of 100% of the citizens and that’s just a MATTer of fact.

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