Upcoming Weekend Warrior for NG Seniors Projects

Weekend Warriors for North Greenbush Seniors Continues

If you would like to read about this program click here for the full details. But basically in short it is a FREE program to help senior citizens in North Greenbush with things they just can’t do any more, such as mowing, maintenance, etc. You can visit this page to know more about senior living.

We have had the privilege of helping a wonderful woman who is going through some very hard times right now. Tending to her property and helping out with odds and ends allows this woman to remain in the home that she has lived in for over 40 years! Just think an hour or two of your time is actually allowing someone to remain in their home rather than be forced out being unable to maintain her property. Below are some of the projects I would like to see done. Here’s a glimpse of the yard after our first visit.


If you would like to volunteer on a Saturday for an hour or two please email me or get in touch with me! Mow and rake lawn clippings or see the projects below. If you are interested only in a certain project or any of them please specify. Thanks.

Or if you can’t volunteer your time but would like to make a donation of any amount to go towards equipment and other items needed for the Weekend Warriors for North Greenbush Seniors program you can do so here. We could also use any working lawn mowers and/or lawn tractors and trailers.


Weekend Warrior Project “CleanUp Debris”-

For this project we will be trimming back the trees to make a path to a patch of debris. Then we’ll be loading it onto a trailer and taking it about a mile down the road and unloading it. Volunteer Now

Weekend Warrior Project “Green Thumb Needed”-

Many of the shrubs and plants are over grown along the home. I’m not personally very good with a green thumb so need someone who is! We can at least use hedge trimmers and trim up the bushes into a more manageable size. Volunteer Now

Weekend Warrior Project “Tree Trimmin'”-

There are some trees that are in some obvious need of trimming. This project we will be using hand saws and pruners to make the trees able to be walked under, which opens up the property and makes it easier to mow for the other volunteers. Volunteer Now