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Innocent until proven guilty unless you’re on facebook

ShareAsk 5 random people if they were arrested for a crime they didn’t commit if they would want to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.   I think it’s fair to say 100% of those people would want to be

Upcoming Weekend Warrior for NG Seniors Projects

ShareWeekend Warriors for North Greenbush Seniors Continues If you would like to read about this program click here for the full details. But basically in short it is a FREE program to help senior citizens in North Greenbush with things

Pulse of The People: Gun control equals religious control

ShareOriginally published in the Troy Record on Sunday, January 20th 2013. New York state has passed the most restrictive gun laws in this nations history. People are excited about it and praise it as a great accomplishment. I’ve even people

Ban cell phones and gag everyone

ShareWe have seen so much tragedy as of late that I think it is finally time to make some smart sensible legislation regarding the 1st Amendment. This is a real concern as on one occasion alone someone yelling fire at

You Gun Supporters Will Cave In

ShareThe political powers that be market gun control as something so important for our society and act as if the majority of people commonly support it. If this was true why after all this talk about more unconstitutional restrictions gun

Checkpoints are unconstitutional

checkpoints are unconstitutional

ShareOne of the most frustrating things I see all too often are suspicion-less check points. They come with a few different marketing angles such as “safety check point,” “DWI checkpoint,” and “Truck inspection.” These are blatantly unconstitutional and there is

Drug Prohibition creates violence


Share   In the last few days we’ve all been hearing about the largest drug bust ever in Amsterdam. They arrested adults, took children, seized property, guns and drugs. Now I am not going to debate whether or not drugs

Weekend Warriors for North Greenbush Seniors

ShareWeekend Warriors for North Greenbush Seniors “We can never get a re-creation of community and heal our society without giving our citizens a sense of belonging.” With in our town of North Greenbush as of the 2000 census we had

Matthew Martoccio

ShareMatthew Martoccio – The Christmas Guy Matt Martoccio is founder and co-owner of a local Christmas light installation company, The Christmas Guys. He officially started the company in 2009 and brought a “family style” of decorating the the Christmas light