Goof Troop Beer Olympics 2012

Saturday August 18th 2012

4 man teams! $5 per person which pays for all the cups, balls and random supplies. No shirts this year but your team should all wear the same color shirts to show some team spirit! Bring beer, Jimmy Dean is talking keg again, may be a good idea for every one haha.

Known events;
Beer Pong Tourny

Survivor Flip Cup

Civil War

Hammer Head

5th and 6th event are up in the air for now. We will post rules and points system prior to event. Ideas are welcomed 🙂

Current Teams

RSVP date to be set soon. We’ll need your $20 and your team name so we can get the shirts ordered in time.

The first ever GT Beer Olympics was a blast and Team Founding Fathers is the team to beat this year. Here’s a little blog with some pics in case you missed it. Click here

Beer Pong Tourny
Tournament style single elimination. Each Olympic Team has 2 teams entered into the tournament with points awarded each game for winning and an additional point for every cup left on the table.

Survivor Flip Cup
Full team play 4 on 4. In this game you have a small amount of beer in a cup. You must drink it and then set your cup down and flip it with your finger and make it land upside down. Once it is landed your next team mate goes until one team finishes all 4 of their cups. The loosing team must vote one of their own off their team and one of their teammates than must drink 2 cups in the next round. Play goes until one team is fully eliminated.

Civil War
This is one of my favorites, kind of Beer Pong on steroids. In this game it is full team against full team (4 on 4) Each person has 3 cups in front of them and there are 8 ping pong balls in play at all times. The same concept as beer pong but there are no turns, if you have a ball you can shoot. It’s rapid fire until all 12 cups are gone on one side. When one of your cups is made you must drop all balls to the ground and are not allowed to help your team at all until you finish your cup. Once all 3 of your cups is gone you can help only by telling your team where the balls are you CAN NOT touch the balls or other players when you’re out.

Hammer Head
Each person has a nail in a log with you’re team split amongst two seperate logs. On your turn you throw a wiffle-ball bat and catch it by the handle. The amount of spins in does in the air is the amount of hits you get to take on your opponents nail. If you drop the bat or don’t catch it by the handle your turn is over. When your nail is all the way down in the stump you are out of the game.

Current Teams CLICK on the person to be connected to their facebook page. (for all you fb creepers)
The Founding Fathers;

Matt Martoccio

Dan Sheehan

Cory Schoonmaker

Emily Duffy

Team Big Dumb Animal;

Jeff Levack

Jimmy Dean


Dave Ognanavich

Team With No Name;

Chris Herrick

Joe Murphy

Ron Leto

John Hitchcock

Awaiting Teams and Team Names;

Tiffany Martoccio

Adam Kwarta

Ronal Crowley

Justin Foucault

Danny Wolff

Daniel Rice

Allie McCann

Amanda Medina