Ban cell phones and gag everyone

We have seen so much tragedy as of late that I think it is finally time to make some smart sensible legislation regarding the 1st Amendment. This is a real concern as on one occasion alone someone yelling fire at a crowded party resulted in the death of 73 people. There was no fire, it was just senseless killing. To prevent any further violence we should pass legislation that all people entering a movie or any crowded room should be gagged. This is safe and reasonable. If we gag the people before they even have a chance at breaking the law we will all be safer, even if it only saves 1 life.

You may hear extremists talk about the 1st amendment but ignore them they aren’t sensible. If they never were planning on falsely yelling fire in the first place they wouldn’t be upset about the new legislation. How many more must die before our government takes notice and does something to protect us, especially the children. We need universal background checks on anyone starting a blog, commenting on facebook or going out in public. The power they hold to falsely identify danger, cause a panic resulting in the deaths of others is not a risk any reasonable person can deny. All blogs, social media accounts and emails should be¬† registered through the government with strict background checks before the blog is allowed to go live. This is fair and sensible and needs to be done to protect our children from harm.


Further more due to the raising use of cell phones to detonate explosives I’d like to see certain cell phones banned and a limit on the amount of minutes allowed¬† on a phone. Terrorists and other extremists use cell phones to detonate bombs killing innocents all too often in our world. If we can remove cell phones from the world, obviously we will have less attacks. While cell phones are convenient there is no need for them. We can and have previously lived our lives with out them and for the safety of all of us the time has come to finally have legislation banning these instruments that can cause wide spread pain and kill hundreds of innocents.

If we remove cell phones no one will be tempted to create a bomb to kill people it is that simple. To further support the need for a cell phone ban one can just look to the internet and readily find how easily it is to modify a cell phone into a detonation device. Again ignore the extremists we are talking about safety and the lives of innocent children here. Back in 2003 the FBI released information warning law enforcement officials about the use of cell phones and one point made while deciphering all the information was “Due to the large number of consumers who utilize cellphones, law enforcement agencies are at a disadvantage because the use of cell phones are so common, especially in public areas. With some cellphones being built with remote capabilities such as Bluetooth connectivity, it may be impossible for law enforcement officials to distinguish between regular cellphones and those which could be used to detonate explosives remotely.” This problem is real and needs to addressed. We have waited too long.


These propositions sound ridiculous? I fully agree. Why do these regulations sound horribly wrong when I have shown the damage cell phones and yelling about false danger can cause to our world? These regulations are no different then the gun legislation that Cuomo passed with the proud support of both Democrats and most Republicans in NYS. Why should we punish people before the break the law when it comes to guns but not to other dangers in this world?

Punishing people before they break the law is just ridiculous and that is just a MATTer of fact.


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