5 Question for Larry Sharpe and Marc Molinaro

larry sharpe vs marc molinaro

With the New York State Governors race starting to heat up I have friends trying to convince me to vote for Larry Sharpe and others wanting me to vote for Marc Molinaro. Both candidates are pushing out various campaign promises and rhetoric on social media and the like, but for me the issues portrayed as the big deals, normally don’t actually affect our day to day lives, and the big issues like horrible regulations, taxes, and the like are typically just campaign rhetoric and never actually happen. Personally, I like to look at the “smaller” issues that will never make their social media or the media in general because they don’t pull at the right heartstrings or have too much contempt from misinformation.

Here are the simple 5 questions I would like to see answered from both Marc and Larry as their answers to these questions will shed a lot more light on what their core values are. As politicians don’t run on principles unless that specific principle is “sexy” enough. And yes I understand that I am just one person but from ads and all the people on social media it must mean that each individual vote matters?


1) Will you support or attempt to advance ending of unconstitutional checkpoints (suspicion-less checkpoints) in New York State and support the 4th amendment? Why?


2) Do you support the government in it’s proclaimed right to mandate an individual person obtains a fishing permit? Why?


2a) Is someone fishing create reasonable suspicion to search their papers and demand them to show a fishing permit to a government official?


3) Will you support or attempt to advance the abolishment of the Clean Air Indoor Act and let business owners and the market decide what they will allow in their private property? Why?


4) Will you support or attempt to advance repealing the window tint regulations on NYS and allow people to make their own choices on the windows of their personal property? Why?


Note I have asked both Marc and Larry these questions and am awaiting if they answer.

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